Dubbing Brush Untempered Stainless Steel Wire

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.006 Dubbing Brush Stainless Steel Wire, 150 feet on a convenient spool with wire holder.  Highest quality untempered stainless steel wire made in USA for your Dubbing Brush needs.  Ideal for medium to large sized Dubbing Brushes for use on flies #4 through 8/0. I use this wire for all of my Saltwater, Bass, Pike, & Musky Dubbing Brushes. 

We now also offer 100 foot spools of .003 and .009 Untempered Stainless Steel Dubbing Brush Wire for those of you who prefer to make various sized Brushes, down to a #26 hook we suggest the .003 sized wire. When using Natural Fibers or choosing to add some extra weight for Extra Large Brushes you'll find the .009 size to be the best choice.